Light Center project aims to meet the growing needs of Muslims as a result of the significant challenges they face in the upbringing on the teachings of the religion with the absence of utilities which respects the privacy of the Islamic religion.

This project will enable the Association of comprehensive and integrated social development, scientific, cultural and administrative dimensions.

جالية مسلمة كبيرة

Mulhouse City Center to rally the Muslim community in the East, it is the largest city in the Rhine Province, the second largest in the Alsace region after Strasbourg. This migration due to historical reasons, the city of Mulhouse industrial city par excellence, named after the French quarter, was the seat of the textile industry in Alsace region. Labour has emigrated to North Africa and Muslim stabilized.

Currently the number of Muslims in the city of Mulhouse to 50 thousand Muslim and 150 thousand Muslim if neighborhoods surrounding the city. The city has five mosques and numerous chapels, it does not absorb more than 5000 serum at its best.

And the city's bustling streets in Christmas prayer by Muslims seeking great showroom in the city to pray in congregation at majestic view.

عدد كبير من المصلين تضيق بهم المساجد

Accommodates old ennour a serum, but does not extend to all worshippers, and due to space limitations currently are held Friday prayers in two installments. First Friday allocated for men only, and are held in the mosque with its outdoor arena, in addition to his backyard with laws prohibiting it. Either the second Friday prayers attended by women also allocate them upstairs.

غياب المرافق التي تحترم خصوصية المسلم

  • احترام خصوصية الموتى

    Muslims need to place an ad for washing their dead, abused and privacy-sensitive rites of dead money of tidiness Wooster. No one in the city of Mulhouse, but General Hospital suffering from congestion and difficulty of achieving full and correct washing conditions.

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    حق التعليم للمحجبات

    Prevents wear in French schools, while the freedom to wear Muslim Islamic private schools are guaranteed.

  • المنهج الإسلامي في المدارس

    The student will benefit from school living in an Islamic environment, accompanied by school officials during periods of activity and outside classes to the Qur'an and transferred to values and ethics in accordance with Islamic vision, and that's what's lacking in public schools where student prevents router as a religious orientation.

  • واجهة حضارية

    Muslims need to civilized Center in line with the spirit of the times, the interface for communication with other Muslims, and a place where they know themselves.