Privileged geographical location light Center first, as well as several other advantages, is the Center meets environmental standards, is an integrated services center, the visitor can find a place of reverence, and asked for information, entertainment, and relaxation.

أول مبنى إسلامي صديق للبيئة بأوروبا

  • مبنى يحقق معايير الجودة البيئة العالية HQE

    Bring the light Center "high environmental quality" standards HQE aimed at reducing the negative impact of buildings on the environment, and ensure these standards optimal management of energy, water and waste and maintenance, and pay particular attention to audio and visual comfort.

  • استخدام مواد بناء تحترم البيئة

    Project supervisors attention was focused on building harmonious surroundings, use of natural materials that respect the environment.

    Check out reputable construction materials for the environment has several advantages ranging from production to use to move, take into account the reduction of the environmental impact of the production of these materials, by reducing the energy needed to manufacture, and improve waste management, as well as recycled if over used. The transport of these materials from the source through the factory to the consumer minimize transportation and its impact on the environment, and this aspect has been taken into account in selecting companies contributing to the construction of light at the local level. And taken the health and preservation of construction workers and users of the building is an important aspect of environmental policy.

  • اسغلال المياه الجوفية

    Groundwater is an important source of energy, especially now that the semi fixed temperature at 12 ° c, whatever the temperature of the surface.

    It was for the geographical location of the Center light great benefit in taking advantage of the largest underground water lake in France to extract geothermal energy or geothermal energy, where groundwater is extracted by a well beneath the building to pass through the heat exchanger then pumped into another hole on the other end of the building under the direction of the flow of underground water, to preserve groundwater pollution.

    Calories used extracted from ground water to reduce the energy needed for heating in winter and air conditioning in summer. Part of this water is used in bathrooms to reduce binge drinking water.

  • العزل والطاقة الشمسية

    Thermal insulation is of major concern to European countries because of economic and environmental challenges. Light Center building has thermal insulation with the finest natural insulation to prevent heat leakage. It used the technique of natural grass to insulate the surface and give it a harmonious green surroundings esthetically aspect.

    And used solar panels on the roof to heat water used in heating and sanitation.

أول مركز إسلامي متكامل

Status light Center is the first of its kind in Europe in terms of integration and quality of services and taking into account the needs of different generations. It includes:

  • مسجد بقاعتين للرجال والنساء

    Chapel the men on the ground floor with an area of 855 square metres and up to 1600, serum and another for women upstairs covering 423 square metres and up to 800 worshippers.

  • مدرسة

    School of light one of the most important components of the light station, an area of 1296 square metres, which is 13% of the area of the Centre, and consists of eleven teaching Hall 45 square meters each.

  • مركز دعوي

    For Islam and Muslims.

  • معهد

    Koran Arabic language education and introduction to the principles of Islam for old and young, community and other residents of the area.

  • مركز للإرشاد الأسري والعناية بالمرأة

    Family counselling is a correctional means in society by hatchet and restore balance to family and the differences and find consensus to maintain family stability and construction. Interactive social action as he continues the individual with the society positively.

  • مركز ثقافي

     Permanent cultural Gallery, a multimedia library, a multipurpose hall.

  • منشآت خدمية وقفية

    [fac_icon icon= »check-square-o » color= »#b10e3e »] Spa Center: swimming pool, gym, bath, sauna, jacuzzi.

    [fac_icon icon= »check-square-o » color= »#b10e3e »] Mall: supermarket, restaurant, tea parlor, banqueting, Barber.

    [fac_icon icon= »check-square-o » color= »#b10e3e »] Washbasin dead

    [fac_icon icon= »check-square-o » color= »#b10e3e »] Car parking

    [fac_icon icon= »check-square-o » color= »#b10e3e »] Garden and green squares

أوقاف تجارية تضمن استمرارية المركز

No doubt that with this size requires a large budget to run, the Muslim Association of Alsace is eager to build facilities and foundations whose proceeds benefit the Center to fill his need to overflowing with more charitable projects in the future, God willing.

For this it has built several times and business facilities that cater to Muslims that were denied them, and help them in their daily lives.

تتكون الأوقاف تجارية من :

  • سوبر ماركت

    Supermarket is located in the basement with an area of 454 square meters.

  • مطعم

    The restaurant is located on the ground floor, with an area of 80 square metres.

  • صالون شاي

    Tea salon cuts beside the restaurant area 76 square metres.

  • مطبخ

    The kitchen is located on the ground floor area of 75 square meters, will be equipped with cooking equipment specialist. And kitchen equipping social meals such as ' aqeeqah, and manufacture confectionery and sweets for sale whose proceeds will support centre.

  • صالون حلاقة

    There are salons for hair saloon in the basement, 37 square metres each.