Muslim Association of Alsace (I hope) of the most prestigious Islamic associations in France, carrying the central message of Islam for Muslims and non-Muslims.

To implement its mission, meet the needs and aspirations of its members and the Muslim community and society in General, and the challenges of our time, hope has set ambitious goals.

تاريخ رابطة مسلمي الألزاس (أمل)

 Established Muslim Association of Alsace in 1973 in the city of Mulhouse, at the hands of men and women with the will and determination, they carried upon themselves the task of building a mosque and a place for education and knowledge transfer to the Muslims in the city.

This work has demonstrated a keen Muslims to preserve their identity and faith within the French Republic.

Recognizing the urgent need for Muslims, faithful to the spirit of tolerance in the Bible, placed the Church of Jeanne d'Arc a airport lounges at the disposal of the Association, it was the first mosque in the East of France, where prayer and educational activities and lectures until 1979, where she bought an old warehouse Association area 800 sqm, constructive, and turned it into a mosque the growing needs of Muslims. The current building is located at 41 Rue Napier's city of Mulhouse (41 rue Neppert 68100 Mulhouse), consists of bunk prayer hall accommodates a serum, and three classrooms and an Office of the Department.

The current building are no longer able to accommodate the growing numbers of Muslims, nor even needs that must keep pace with the accelerated pace of the era of speed, and the significant challenges faced by Muslims, so I decided the Muslim Association of Alsace, backed by a loyal sons of the city add to support local authorities, taking an important step to move to a new Centre Masjid, school, cultural centre, etc. This would enhance the status of the Muslims in their area and meet their aspirations and needs, and be proud for the residents of Mulhouse.

تاريخ المسلمين في ميلوز

Beyond the presence of Muslims in Mulhouse a century, it has fought many Muslim soldiers of North African descent, died in defending the Alsace year 1870 CE, and in the two world wars, and contributed to the liberation of France generally Alsace especially, still their graves bear witness to the history of Muslims in the region.
At the end of World War II, in the city of Mulhouse extensive reconstruction projects, where Brown 13000 building between 1950 and 1970 to accommodate residents of Mulhouse who arrived to meet the urgent needs of industry. Most of the arrivals in Mulhouse from the Muslims of North Africa. The number of Muslims currently in informal statistics forty thousand Muslim in Mulhouse city and its environs.

أهداف الرابطة

[fac_icon icon= »check-square-o » color= »#b10e3e » color_hover= »#cc9900″ font_size= »24px »]  Defend the dignity and rights of Muslims in Mulhouse and facilitate the exercise of worship,

[fac_icon icon= »check-square-o » color= »#b10e3e » color_hover= »#cc9900″ font_size= »24px »]  Fighting prejudice against Islam and Muslims and enhance their image in front of public opinion,

[fac_icon icon= »check-square-o » color= »#b10e3e » color_hover= »#cc9900″ font_size= »24px »]  The concept of family care to preserve them from distractions, and the consequent negative effects on society,

[fac_icon icon= »check-square-o » color= »#b10e3e » color_hover= »#cc9900″ font_size= »24px »]  Creating the spirit of solidarity and friendship among people to promote conviviality,

[fac_icon icon= »check-square-o » color= »#b10e3e » color_hover= »#cc9900″ font_size= »24px »]  Activate the positive and active citizenship and responsible commitment

[fac_icon icon= »check-square-o » color= »#b10e3e » color_hover= »#cc9900″ font_size= »24px »]  Establishing ties of brotherhood and cooperation and collaboration with the associations and organisations with similar objectives to the goals of our Association,

[fac_icon icon= »check-square-o » color= »#b10e3e » color_hover= »#cc9900″ font_size= »24px »]  Defending human rights and dignity, non-discrimination and Islamophobia and incitement to hatred.

نشاطات الرابطة

  • ممارسة الشعائر

     The Association runs a mosque where the five daily prayers, Friday prayer, Hajj and Umrah trip, give Ramadan has a special place because of its important role in the life of a Muslim, as well as several activities are held throughout the year.

  • تعليم اللغة العربية

    The Institute hopes to build a profile – Arabic language, Arabic language and religious education. And hosts more than 300 students, between the ages of 6 and 16, divided into five levels, plus a special section hosts the adults too.

  • تعليم القرآن

    The Institute hopes to build a profile – Quran "Quran and Forum, taking into account the rules of intonation. The Institute hosts 120 students, between the ages of 6 and 16, the Institute also organizes weekly lessons for adults. The Institute collaborates with the patron program for memorizing the Koran.

  • تعزيز قيم الإسلام

    Organizes throughout the year numerous lectures attended by many members of the public in the mosque and his businesses to spread Islam and its principles and reach as many as possible, and also visits at the request of French schools recognize students to Islam they answered their questions and explaining what they mistaken as they know about Islam.

  • الإرشاد الديني

    ASEAN has established a unit for religious guidance, provide assistance to patients and their families by establishing hotlines, organizing visits to hospitals in Mulhouse, preach and help them in their plight.

  • الحوار بين الأديان

    The association participates actively in interfaith dialogue, is a member of the Islamic-Christian friendship group in the city of Mulhouse, this group having different activities (Islamic-Christian week, seminars, dialogue, etc.). It also participates, in cooperation with the city of Mulhouse and representatives of other religions at Interfaith Calendar Publishing (Notepad) that is distributed to schools in the city.

  • المتابعة المدرسية

    School success in our community is an important factor affecting the future of our children and young people, and for that reason established Muslim Association of Alsace since its inception supportive learning courses from elementary to high school.

  • الأنشطة الثقافية

    The Association organizes cultural activities (festivals, events, and cultural weeks) major Islamic events (Hijri year, sticks, memory of Prophet, ISRA and Miraj).