مسجد النور

Represents the beating heart of light mosque, promising to be a privileged place for our relationship with our Creator, is a symbol of our brothers and our Union. And a modern mosque Nour mosque architecture, represents an exceptional cultural footprint in the region, and unique architectural approach to facilitate communication with the surroundings which means beauty and elegance very carefully, given the importance of looking good in the formation of stereotypes about Islam. It brought the mosque Islamic architecture with arches and geometric shapes, and Western Heritage Trainspotting choose transparent materials that make French hearts reassuring to the spirit of Islam.

Entrance to Al Noor Centre gives the visitor a sense of the greatness of this edifice, explains his breast to Islam, and opens his heart to hear the word of faith. It is also wide spacious entrance and exit in an atmosphere of comfort and reassurance. I have used the latest technologies in construction, to keep pace with the evolution of the global engineering in building mosques. Intermingling is blue and white glass painting is admirable, emblazoned with the light emitted from the walls of the mosque reflects the transparency of the place and its novelty.

نسبة تقدم الأشغال 70%

عن المشروع

Chapel the men on the ground floor with an area of 855 square metres and seats 1600 serum.

The prayer room is open and does not contain any column which gives more spacious and comfortable feeling and the continuity of the place.

Women’s Hall on the first floor of the Center light, 423 square metres square, and up to 800 worshippers. Women’s Hall has been designed to be hung, this eliminates the need for columns in the basement to give more continuity and a sense of place.

Almtodiat is an essential place in every mosque, nor cared for in design it unfortunately they place a lot of use, represents a necessary convenience for all pioneers of the mosque.

Almtodiat number four, two in the men’s Vault, and two on the first floor for women, and 41 square metres each.

He baptized the engineer who designed the Nour mosque to choose the best materials available on the market, and the patron that sustainability and resistance to special conditions of use, ease of cleaning, and prevent the multiplication of bacteria that lead to the spread of odors. And central heating system help across the land (under tiles).