مدرسة النور

A firm place in the school project, we believe that no future without education, without which no human society can convey knowledge. This education to all people, young and old, and all those interested in developing their knowledge.

And the school is stop running to raise funds for operating expenses of the Center light and support activities undertaken by the Association.

And inform the space school 1296 square metres, which is 13% of the area of the Centre, is made up of:

1) teaching halls: number 11, five of which are on the first floor, six on the second floor, each 45 square metres, can accommodate 300 students.

2) science laboratory: 30 sqm, located on the first floor next to the library.

3) Informatics: 24 m², situated on the first floor next to the science laboratory.

4 management and teachers ' offices), and an area of 82 square metres, located on the first and second floors.

نسبة تقدم الأشغال 70%

عن المشروع

Believe in the Muslim Association of Alsace that her task is to configure the generation of the successful students will come together in social and spiritual integration excellence. Building and nurturing the young, on proper Islamic values, is the way towards a bright future for Muslims in Europe.
When the Association began building the Center light, was the first school building priorities next to the mosque to be moral platform, they ride behind someone essential to its students, the school building was the light that emerged as a result of the increasing number of Muslims in the area, and the urgent need of an Islamic school, especially with the great challenges they face in bringing up their children in the teachings of the religion with the complete absence of Islamic schools in this area, and to prevent the veil in public schools.

And don't forget the need for a modern school in keeping with the spirit of the times, be focused and proud interface Muslims, pushing their children to get the highest score, and helps them to enter the best universities. The student receives in private schools with special care, and the success rate in the city of Mulhouse in public middle school 67%, whereas 97 percent in middle school. The ratio of obtaining a good rate in public schools 30%, while it reaches 75% in private schools.

Breeding future generations on the basis of attachment to Islam.

The protection of Islamic values, taking the Republican framework and respect the Constitution.

Protecting students from any forms of misguidance or extremism or immoral.

Provide the learner with basic knowledge about Islam to refer to the Qur'an and Hadith Sharif.

Teacher complete and balanced and gradual, based on fundamentals, and accompanying learners in the process of maturity and self reliance.

Seeking to enhance the physical and intellectual development of students, and that the opportunity for citizens of the region of Mulhouse metropolitan area access to education and educational and cultural services by providing appropriate tools and frameworks until everyone involved in building a community of solidarity.

Embody the principles of Islam in the life of the learner, in faith, practice and ethics.

Teaching middle school students, which is four years from age 11 to 15 years, which consists of the child's personality.

Exploiting what is available to establish an Islamic society, Islamic life without diluting its identity or diminution of cultural identity, and do multiple duty and functions of the Islamic call traditional and innovative means.

Raising the level of education of Muslims and push them into the best universities.

Private school student will receive special attention, with success in the city of Mulhouse in public middle school 67%, whereas 97 percent in middle school. The ratio of obtaining a good rate in public schools 30%, while it reaches 75% in private schools.

Student benefit in light of school living in an Islamic environment, accompanied by school officials during periods of activity and outside classes to the Qur'an and transferred to values and ethics in accordance with Islamic vision, and that's what's lacking in public schools where student prevents router as a religious orientation. In addition to ensuring the freedom of Muslim headscarf who was banned from wearing it in public schools.

The school seeks to introduce modern technologies in education, use of tablet computers, interactive screens, tactile chalkboard, and computers.
The school encourages the establishment of multiple clubs activities, intellectual and cultural and linguistic, like Al Quran and Al Hadith, Arabic language Club, Club Islamic Nasheeds, Islamic history Club. Students in activities that clubs outside of the school curriculum.

There is particular interest in teaching languages, especially Arabic language, with Arabic language can be included in the curriculum along with French and English to German. In order to master the Arabic language students, the school seeks to establish linguistic flights, holding twinship with several Arab period (Kuwait City, Tangiers, etc) where students spend a period in the Arabic-speaking country.