Health Sports Centre

المركز الرياضي الصحِّي

Comprehensive services center light Center, it is the first centre of its kind at the European level in terms of integration of services provided to patrons of Muslims and others, taking into account the needs of different generations, and this was one of the fundamental components of Health Center Center, flying a logo: a healthy mind in a healthy body.

The health centre is to stop running to raise funds for operating expenses of the Center light and support activities undertaken by the Association.

نسبة تقدم الأشغال 50%

عن المشروع

Swimming pool is Olympic semi virtue, length 25 m, width 10 m, and that he can receive school competitions, and all this with an Islamic atmosphere far from mixing giving disadvantaged Muslim community of any recreational or health services.

The pool is equipped with a special room for water treatment and air treatment, adding to the dressing rooms and other service facilities and warehouse.

Gym and fitness

The lounge area 211 m²

Bathroom space is 26 square meters

Sauna area 20 square meters

SPA mineral water bath area 15 square meters