Commercial endowments

الأوقاف التجارية

No doubt that with this size requires a large budget to run, the Muslim Association of Alsace is eager to build facilities and foundations whose proceeds benefit the Center to fill his need to overflowing with more charitable projects in the future, God willing. We have built several times and business facilities that cater to Muslims that were denied them, and help them in their daily lives.

نسبة تقدم الأشغال 65%

عن المشروع

The supermarket is located in the basement with an area of 454 square meters.

The restaurant is located on the ground floor, with an area of 80 square metres

Tea salon cuts beside the restaurant area 76 square metres

The kitchen is located on the ground floor area of 75 square meters, will be equipped with cooking equipment specialist. And kitchen equipping social meals such as ' aqeeqah, and manufacture confectionery and sweets for sale whose proceeds will support centre.

There are salons for hair saloon in the basement, 37 square metres each.