A presentation

نبذة عن المركز

Status light is an ambitious project and appreciated, and is a mirror of the spiritual and cultural heritage and consistent with its environment.
After more than 40 years on our present, and offered a lot of obvious services to Muslims, tight Center and double its potential doesn't meet the needs of Muslims, so began the Muslim Association of Alsace, Mulhouse from faithful Muslims, and supported by local authorities, building a new religious and cultural center, will be the pride of Muslims walmilozien.

Light Center combines modernity, simplicity and originality, it meets urban and architectural requirements for the city of Mulhouse. And the Center light in its architecture, represents an exceptional cultural footprint in the region, and unique architectural approach to facilitate communication with the surroundings which means beauty and elegance very carefully, given the importance of looking good in the formation of stereotypes about Islam.
The visitor can find the Center rest away from the momentum of life, humble heart to Allah and reassure, to obtain a share of science and contributes to knowledge transfer, all in an atmosphere of fraternity and solidarity, encounter and dialogue.
Light Center is a place where the individual learns and responsible citizenship, where the Muslim society of brotherhood and solidarity.

The diversity and quality of services provided by the Centre, as well as its architectural value, will make it a unique place light Centre in the region.

الموقع الجغرافي لميلوز

The city of Mulhouse at the intersection of the Franco-German-Swiss border, it was endowed with a distinct geographical location, 30 minutes from the Swiss city of Basel, Freiburg, German, making them a strategic corridor.

مركز النور، قيم أكيدة

Status light is a variety of dimensions, these dimensions holds true human values. It is:

  • مكان للتأمل والخشوع

    Since the mosque is where the Muslim command to establish which groups collection, to be groomed for the job, Allah almighty said work at the mosque said Allah and eulogy and glamorize: {in the houses of God to lift and stating which glorifies his name in the mornings and in the afternoons or}[النور : 36]. And Nour mosque, the heart of the light, allowing the visitor to Goa for reflection and reverence and, is a privileged place for our relationship with our Creator, as well as being a symbol of our brothers and our Union.

  • مكان للعلم والمعرفة

    Knowledge is a real investment for future generations, and we believe that having knowledge is the way to promote awareness of one's role in society, not only the human community knowledge. Education at the Centre of the light is the planting of seeds of originality, rooting in Muslim heritage, linking them to their history and their present, not planted without seed.

  • مكان للقاء والحوار

    To exchange views and share the basics of conviviality. And the Center light open doors for all, without distinction of origin or culture that respects everyone, and endeavoured to facilitate meetings and contract new friendships, and these values are real road towards a society more human and universal.

  • مكان للتكافل والتضامن

    Al Noor Centre will be a place open to everyone, so find the outstretched hand and ear. It is a place where the weak force supports, supports the rich poor. It is a place of solidarity and solidarity on our Prophet Mustafa (saw).

  • مكان لمواطنة فاعلة ومسؤولة

    Islam exhorts the commitment of individual rights and duties, and bind them to the Community interest and no harm to others, this ensures human dignity and interests, bring the administration of justice among the people. The spirituality of Islam strengthens social commitment, that the practice of Islam is synonymous with fraternity and solidarity.